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11:11 p.m. - 2002-12-12
Wine and Cheese
Hi there.

Ok, well, here's the thing...I didn't actually have anything in mind to write when I logged in, so I'll just ramble a bit. But I've made a conscious decision not to talk about work, because I complain too much. Sound good? Good.

So, I've decided to have a party for Christmas. I had quite a successful little shin-dig last year. A formal potluck dinner kind of thing with lots of wine, and a good time had by all to boot. So, I'm doing it again this year. Only, it would seem to be that I have more friends this year. The body count has risen dramatically, and it looks like there will be no sit-at-an-actual-table this year. But there will still be potlucky goodness and wine galore, so it will be good. I'm getting lots of RSVPs in the positive, so I'm happy. I am just so cool, it hurts sometimes.

I also had a very weekend, thank you very much. My significant other and I made an impromptu visit to our Nation's wonder of the world...Niagara Falls. Just for one night, but it was certainly memerable. The journey came in place of a trip to my bro's friend's cottage that was cancelled, and it was total cheese. But, as they say, when in Rome, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I swear it's like some wierd couple twilight zone. They're everywhere. Kissy, cuddly twosomes that glow in the flashing lights of the Casino. So, we emmersed ourselves in the culture. We bought matching tuques that clearly stated our place of visit (yeah, un hun, we're geeks). We went for dinner, we gambled on the quarter slots, we even did a scary haunted walk thing Mark truly lived up to his nickname...pansy ass that he is...but since he doesn't do the computer thing, he'll not know I tattled on him. He actually screamed! More of a yell, I suppose. See, you enter into this completely dark maze thing, and you have to follow tiny little red dots while things jump out at you and what not. It was good for startle effect. Anyhow, lights came on suddenly and someone jumped out, and Mark yelled like a little girl (with a deep voice). Hee hee.

But the best thing of all! The royalty of all Niagara Falls cheesy-ess! Le piece to resistance, if you will...

We had a red, heart shaped jacuzzi in our room.

With mirrors surrounding it and lord did we go all out. We drank wine, lit candles, we tried getting music on our motel alarm clock but the country station wasn't exactly putting us in the mood. It was great.

In the end, it was a romantic night. Not really romantic-serious, more romantic-ha-ha, but romantic nonetheless. I would recommend it.

And yeah...that's been me. Hope you've enjoyed this little Lauren interlude and I look forward to writing another one.

Does anyone I know actually read this anymore?


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